Happy birthday Queen Mother

Have you heard?

Have you heard of the head of the legion beyond where your shadows spread,
All negativity is dead
And a glorious crown rest
On her magnificent head?

Surely you must have heard in story, 
The feats of wonder and glory,
Defeats to threatening armies,
Who sought to claim all that’s before me

Of arms and the woman you sing
But I know of no such thing
I know of a mother who brings
Inspiration,  and fills my being within
With stuff that elevates me to be my own king.

I know of a Queen Mother with a kindred soul.
Whose counsel knows no equivalent in gold
On the eyes she is a sight to behold.
Penelope envies her caramel tone
I know of a friend you call queen
I know a lot but not other being

So let the great Bard sing praise
Today is the Queen Mother’s day.

Please stop fighting

Thirteen days of fighting.  Hundreds of people killed.  What irritates me is that this is not the first conflict between Israel and Palestine. The western world is sleeping on the whole issue as if it’s cows that are being slaughtered.  Russia invaded Ukraine and immediately they were given heavy economic sanctions which are still in place.
Israel say they want to destroy the military capabilities of the supposed insurgent group,”Hamas”. But what they are actually doing is refueling years of existing hate.
I’m utterly disgusted because there is nothing I can do to stop this unwarranted slaughter.  America is not concerned cos its profitable for security contractors that supply Israel with its weapons. Why are human beings soo wicked? Why won’t both sides just agree to stop?
The origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates back to biblical times. All this while the whole world has chosen to ignore the issue completely. People seem to care more about what someone wears, rather than senseless fighting.
Tonight I go to bed knowing that children have been orphaned in Gaza. I go to bed knowing death comes loudly from the skies killing the innocent in their sleep. Bullets tear families apart,  bombs burry livelihoods.  A child cries in streets, near the lifeless body of his mother.
Tonight I sleep angry at humanity,  for selectively condoning this massacre.
Please Israel and Hamas, have mercy and lay your arms down.

The Lord drives away flies for the tailless cow.


[Bon Iver x Holocene]

Ariel had a song for every intangible emotion she couldn’t or didn’t know how to express. When her heart felt as if Hercules was strangling it, she had that song that screamed and cried out the pain for her. The chromatic scales, eventful strings, suppressed vocals said every word her mouth could not utter but she felt.
When it was the Chinese New year in her, she also had a song.  A ballad whose inspiring chorus painted beautiful sunsets for her soul. Transporting her from the postcode-less cabin to the awe inspiring Copacabana beach. Reawakening life in her, as the glorious chants from the collosuem roused gladiators to senseless combat. 
But tonight Ariel felt a chill, a frosty biting breeze on her feeble heart. She felt pale and dead. No tears to soak her pillow but her soul cried.  Each acid filled tear, burning a ridge soon to be covered with cheap inferior affection and familiarity.  Tonight the mellow vocals and mundane instrumentals were the perfect tune for her pain to dance, the crowd with thier backs towards her. Then the song began to fade. Her respite slowly and painfully departing. A parent watching his daughter drive off with a stranger.
Then the song ended. And life went on. She’s lost the Braille she uses to read the world. 

I kill, Ruthlessly

I kill. Ruthlessly.
You’d think they would have some respect, considering how big of a person I am. But no. They just can’t resist the unnatural erge to drain me. I had shown not interest in their short lived lives. I chose to ignore the whining in my ear. The unwelcome symphony orchestra.  Until they stole from me and left me in great pain. I just couldn’t hold back anymore.  They have turned me into a stone cold, blood thirsty killer, just like them.
I have fallen completely in love with the sight of blood on my hands. The act of murder feels more intimate that way. I make contact with the victim,  satisfying my psychotic desires.  I guess I shouldn’t describe it as murder,  because its justifiable to me. Cowards, they wait for the darkness of night to perform their well rehearsed evil.I also wait, till they are drunk and weak. Then I pounce mercilessly.  Totally annihilating them passionately.  Every body that falls,  a personal victory.
Sometimes I prefer a simple gas chamber.  A truly remarkable creation of science.  It gives me the power to almost commit genocide-my dream of ridding the world of this twisted misandric race will be achieved . 
I’m ashamed of who I’ve become,  but just like them I can’t control the unwholesome erge anymore. 
I kill mosquitoes,  ruthlessly.  


Who’s that wandering through my castle? 
Smearing the faded walls with all this colour.
Entering rooms seen by no other.

Who’s that shining my armour? 
Scrapping the blood off the wheels of my chariot. 
Making room for a new star next to the forgotten lot.

Who’s that sounding the trumpet? 
Forcing my Calvary out of their beds
And ready to loose their heads

For the love of war I will respond
And I love no more to break this bond
Draw the curtains and let the sun in.
I see a sea of red over the horizon.
Should I fight, I loose
Should I surrender,  I loose.
But I’d rather die with my sceptre in hand
Than alone with my crown.

Let’s Go

Efya x Getaway

Let’s steal a car, and travel through Africa.
From the unforgiving deserts to the beautiful beaches of Madagascar. 
Let’s leave our lives and just go
Buying whatever we need from the side of the road.
Let’s battle the Sahara for the food in Dakar. 
Or maybe Alexandria if you prefer that rather.
Lets watch the sunset behind the pyramids.
And watch it rise again from the eye of a minaret.
Let’s wake up to the dance of a peacock.
Transfixed,  we’ll stand with our camera’s and watch
The beauty of a continent spread before our eyes
Hidden from the people by all their busy lives
Tainted by their vice.
I hear the lions are cool in the Savannah
Make sure the monkeys don’t steal your food whilst texting your mother.
A parrot told me the Niger is rich
And I could find diamonds in the belly of a fish.
Today we meet the Hausas and they sing us praise songs
Tomorrow the Ashantis welcome us with a rythmic gong.
From the Masai I’ll learn the secret of the heard
And if we get lucky sell a house to the Touareg
I want to experience the traffic in Lagos
Visit Timbuktu for the knowledge they’ve got.
Let’s steal a car and run away from nothing
Run towards something
One day I’ll do it boubou, if not with you

Don’t ruin my beautiful world

You know, with the level of literacy in some “developed countries” you’d assume the public would look at a matter, especially a political one, critically.  I heard this report on the BBC world service concerning what should be done with the Guantanamo bay detention facility. 
They played an interview of a family member of the victims of the 9/11 attack. I was shocked at what this woman stuttered out. Justifying the acts of terror being perpetrated on these so called terrorist all in the name of protecting American citizens.  She said the camp, which the General upon whose recommendations it was opened described as the legal equivalent of the moon, should continue to run and stay as far away from American soil as possible.  She went on that the people held there were not American citizens and as such did not deserve to be prosecuted properly, but rather held in the military camp.
Nothing pained me more than how this supposed victim, justified the destruction of the lives of other people because her sister had been killed. I thought considering the fact that she and her family had experienced grief, she would have been more sympathetic. When families are torn apart by American tax payers bullets and bombs, it’s not terrorism.  Does she think the people in Afghanistan and Iraq just got up one day and became angry?  I wonder what the attitude of the world would have been had Guantanamo been run by Russia or some other super power. But once its American everyone is quiet about the atrocities.  Why should your evil be justified because of the pain you feel but the actions of others are frowned upon when they retaliate from their pain.
My anger is causing me to deviate from the essence of this post.  Double standards.  It’s okay to kill because I have the power. You’d assume in today’s world people would examine issues more critically. 

I am not supporting any acts of terror, I sympathize with the families affected by all the wars and political violence in the world. The world is way too beautiful and wonderful to waste my time hating and attacking others. 
All I ask for is that we learn to be objective and truthful.  Guantanamo should be shut down. Don’t do evil because evil was done to you.
I’m not pro-terrorism or anti-American. I’m simple examining the issue critically. 
We live in such a beautiful world.  Don’t ruin it with your stupidity. 
Thank you