In Bloom

Blooming Orchid pink white flowers plants.JPG
We are seeds
Tiny pistols itching to shoot
Waiting to come into the light
And use its rays as vines
To pull ourselves up
We are little bombs
In abandoned fields
Time has forgotten us
But not our power
We yearn for the right steps to
Set us off
And unleash our potential
We are weeds
Or so they say
Finding life without permission
Fighting for whatever space
To breathe,
Cos the air or the soil was not
Made for us
But shadows don’t last forever
And the morning is coming with
It’s golden glow
We are ready to catch it

Befriending a Shadow

Today I was forced to walk in the shadow of a rainbow, as butterflies went flower kissing anointing their noses in the syrup of nectar and song birds taught each other the love songs that step on the tip of your tongue when you miss the electric feel you never really had.
I became one with the shadow like dreams into smoke, as sunlight danced shamelessly on petals, because the darkness in me had finally found a friend. A friend made of sweet medicine, that gave birth to poison after it had left no sickness in me and i kept sucking from the straw in its neck.
Photo: University of Ghana by Hakeem Adam