Counting the drowned bees In your honeypot 

Should make your finger sweet enough 

To push the bitterness you’ve seen 

Out of your eyes 

But it will only bring

Rats from the four corners 

To lick your tears and kiss your lashes 

Till they turn black

The loud horror will find a nest

On your face

To hatch the despair brooding 
Honey too sweet

Becomes bitter 



I can’t trust

My mind to remember the 

Color you made me taste

So let me take it 

While it’s still hot enough

To scald my tongue

And make a rainbow 

For the sun and her friends 

To see

And envy 

Butterfly eyes 

Her butterfly eyes come flapping into mine. 

They take flight, just as her cheeks 

Rise like the sun creeping from 

The nothingness of night 

To light up all the

Little flowers in their jackets of color 

Her butterfly eyes

With wings shimmering with desire

Slice through the tightening air between us

Like a bullet, graceful but lethal

Till they reach the nervous smile 

Painting itself on my face 

Like a rainbow clearing a stormy sky

Then for that moment when her

Butterfly eyes land on mine

I forget they are eyes

And wish they were 

A raindrop in which we can hide

Till we hit the ground 

Like rolling stone 

And it’s all down hill from here

Jack and Jill rode the hurricane 

Tugged it mane as it twirled it’s skirt

Forgot that it was just passing by

On the way to somewhere quiet 

They lept with it over rolling stones 

They left with it like they had hollow bones 

No their heads are in the skies

The necks begin to feel cold

The ground is a dot all alone 

But the hurricane is on its way 

So it’s all downhill from here

The sky cannot carry you

The ground cannot swallow you

So the strange fruit must hang

By the jaws of a snare