Artemis’ Tears

Balma’s idea

Walking towards the minaret she feel the guilt
Of annihilating a vessel the creator built
Five minutes of pleasure, eternity of shame
Judged by all, but is she really to blame
For pushing the metal into her vagina and end the torture
Surely she woulda been insulted and antagonised by the doctor
Her friends put up a facade, like they dont judge her
Faced with the choice of being a teenage mother
She’s bitten the hand that feeds, how can she feed another
Everyone shuns her company, even her own lover
Its sad
Tears form gullies all along her cheeks. No comfort comes with these salted seas
Its hard
“but is it really a sin to kill my own seed?
its not like it my only”
Justified or unjustified, she gotta live with it
The stigma is a scar on a warriors cheek
The Taboo is a viable option, though it may seem bleak

Tuff Assassin
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The Comfort In Him

*telling stories that no one relates to*

Set apart like the legs of a tripod
Her inner glow is radiant all over him
Her subtle gestures he did not over write
His hearts filled with an emotion as he held up his chin
And uttered the words that to some is delight
There and then those words did she twin
Sparks flew, flowers grew the love which was once innate
Is now an orchid seedling bursting through Manhattan’s busy streets
With Daughter of the third a bond existed with no debate
And she was certainly bringing out in him a John Keats
She held his arm and pulled him close
And on his black lips planted a kiss
She looked into his eyes which were turning into a molotov
And they both could see this was all bliss
Somewhat a miracle like MANA falling from the heavens
Now that he was holding her it will be hard for him to let go

tuff assassin
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The Black Star Line

this is something I wrote a while back in History class

great grandfathers on horse backs blazing through the savannah
to pompous rulers on palanquins being used to called Nana
red hunters from the Chad leading adherent to the Niger
scholars in Timbuctu, warrior kings called Ghana
burnt faces with civilisation we showed y’all the standard
pyramids and heirogliphs only we know what’s under
anti-chauvinistic, Dahomey lead the charge with Amazons
gold weights and old plates all traded at Awdaghost
surpassed Dynamo by gluing the ground to a sword
rulers made saints, Shango’s bravery made a cult
we all had excellence and for that we should have fought
the genesis of the exodus part of it was our fault
we used our anvils for swords instead of making rods
to protect our gold we engineered mud wall
big brains in small minds that was our only prob
where the sun sets
most of the north suffered from conquest
fought hard and long, ended a null set
a new horizon was what the west woke up to
a caucasian’s whip was all the looked up to
now they praying to a lord the never knew
to save them from this bane of servitude
but would only change when they changed their attitude

Tuff Assassin


She aint an independent mom
Heavily influenced by others but still remains unique
No matter how vulgar her aim is still to teach
To the poor kids she is a way off the streets
To the ignorant mind she is just a business venture
The elderly see her as a path not to venture
But to most of us she’s our life’s very centre
Her faithful kids are all well fed
If you learn to hold a knife you can slice bread
It’s not easy to master her dance steps
Simple, yet sophisticated in every respect
She is a constant victim of every form of abuse
But that’s just the motion when you’re your own Zeus
She doesn’t need triangles to make her point
Only small circles can connect the dots
And shine on stage while others will Be props
Sincerely she is just airing out your thoughts
Using your intellect to bring out the pictures in your mind
Cutting across all boundaries, race and time
Laying your life story on a baseline
We are too quick to judge and not keen to listen
We hear what we want to and keep our minds in a prison
She is the voice of the mentally oppressed
In the jungle of distress
Illuminating the world, set apart from the rest
She is a mother to all hearts who reach out to her
She is the Cleopatra of Music and the world is her chair
She is Hip Hop and that I declare

tuff assassin

Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge