Let’s Go

Efya x Getaway

Let’s steal a car, and travel through Africa.
From the unforgiving deserts to the beautiful beaches of Madagascar. 
Let’s leave our lives and just go
Buying whatever we need from the side of the road.
Let’s battle the Sahara for the food in Dakar. 
Or maybe Alexandria if you prefer that rather.
Lets watch the sunset behind the pyramids.
And watch it rise again from the eye of a minaret.
Let’s wake up to the dance of a peacock.
Transfixed,  we’ll stand with our camera’s and watch
The beauty of a continent spread before our eyes
Hidden from the people by all their busy lives
Tainted by their vice.
I hear the lions are cool in the Savannah
Make sure the monkeys don’t steal your food whilst texting your mother.
A parrot told me the Niger is rich
And I could find diamonds in the belly of a fish.
Today we meet the Hausas and they sing us praise songs
Tomorrow the Ashantis welcome us with a rythmic gong.
From the Masai I’ll learn the secret of the heard
And if we get lucky sell a house to the Touareg
I want to experience the traffic in Lagos
Visit Timbuktu for the knowledge they’ve got.
Let’s steal a car and run away from nothing
Run towards something
One day I’ll do it boubou, if not with you


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