[Bon Iver x Holocene]

Ariel had a song for every intangible emotion she couldn’t or didn’t know how to express. When her heart felt as if Hercules was strangling it, she had that song that screamed and cried out the pain for her. The chromatic scales, eventful strings, suppressed vocals said every word her mouth could not utter but she felt.
When it was the Chinese New year in her, she also had a song.  A ballad whose inspiring chorus painted beautiful sunsets for her soul. Transporting her from the postcode-less cabin to the awe inspiring Copacabana beach. Reawakening life in her, as the glorious chants from the collosuem roused gladiators to senseless combat. 
But tonight Ariel felt a chill, a frosty biting breeze on her feeble heart. She felt pale and dead. No tears to soak her pillow but her soul cried.  Each acid filled tear, burning a ridge soon to be covered with cheap inferior affection and familiarity.  Tonight the mellow vocals and mundane instrumentals were the perfect tune for her pain to dance, the crowd with thier backs towards her. Then the song began to fade. Her respite slowly and painfully departing. A parent watching his daughter drive off with a stranger.
Then the song ended. And life went on. She’s lost the Braille she uses to read the world. 


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