Happy birthday Queen Mother

Have you heard?

Have you heard of the head of the legion beyond where your shadows spread,
All negativity is dead
And a glorious crown rest
On her magnificent head?

Surely you must have heard in story, 
The feats of wonder and glory,
Defeats to threatening armies,
Who sought to claim all that’s before me

Of arms and the woman you sing
But I know of no such thing
I know of a mother who brings
Inspiration,  and fills my being within
With stuff that elevates me to be my own king.

I know of a Queen Mother with a kindred soul.
Whose counsel knows no equivalent in gold
On the eyes she is a sight to behold.
Penelope envies her caramel tone
I know of a friend you call queen
I know a lot but not other being

So let the great Bard sing praise
Today is the Queen Mother’s day.


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