what defines the social order
the bar keeps getting taller
the masses seek validation
so their every perspiration
is channelled into making
primus inter pares
the eye sees whats placed before it
the mind is the centre of your marvel universe
its power is suppressed by a thousand lucifers
if harnessed properly it can be used to defend
the integrity of this race, which has already been defaced
but who i am to say
I’m just a young boy confused
by how the world moves
who controls the axes, and who censors whats in the news
who killed Saddam Hussain, the UN or George bush
is Bin laden dead, or a mountain he overlooks
too real stories are heard least
in a world where innocent children are thirsty
the sins of our father live to haunts us
churches, schools, Bars line the streets of Accra
young girls continuously bow to the feet of a star
failing to recognise how high they are
i seek to awaken critical thinking
not sexual feeling

tuff assassin


Answers Not Needed

Am i a grain on a cob,
seamlessly place on a row without fault ?
Am i an indecent thought,
quickly dispelled without answer being sought ?
Am i a grain of sand on the beach,
as a whole or individually ordinary?


Tuff assassin

Sitting Ducks

the ever clever server has studied his prey
and prepares for action like a call to pray
the beautiful duck sit in grace
unaware of the eminent fate
elegant and plump
the hunter thinks of how largely w he is to gain when this Duck he had caught
the Duck on the other hand was in a mental cage
and its only struggle was surviving the day
unaware of it role in the ecosystem
is about to end up in a digestive system
hunter, feared by the duck, prepares his shot
hiding in plain sight will aide him achieve his cause
with the tool of colt the deed is done another Sitting Duck dies under the Sun

tuff assassin

Photo is by micheal bedard


Penda is the Swahili word for love

evident beauty she is a lone star on a dark night
found by the one who looks, oh what a blissful sight
her voice melts my blood and soul
and gets me thinking of a sinful road
her blessed company is sheer heaven
though see aint a goddess, queen or a legend
my love for her is beyond human understanding
but I’m a devil, not human so you must understand
the rubrics of modern interaction elude me
all these her gestures confuse me
like the genuflectures of an Ashanti king on a palanquin
my heart mimics the talking drum, when of her i think
i relay these messages through laughs and blinks
my only limitation is decision making
is she worth the effort, tho’ she is already taken
I’ve always based my decisions on all things concrete
now in the absence of that I’m at sea

tuff assassin