the tale of a yeargroup
2010 to 2013

Amidst political confusion we emerged
Teenagers with our hope preserved
3 or 4 the numbers that plagued our peace
Not knowing what the length of our stay will be
labs and garages they unprepared, we studied
with the seeds of Jacob the “Atico” list was heavy
Hyenas stole some spoils from the catch
We survived trying to make the best of our batch
Now we the fruit of a loom operated by three queens
The strength of a fabric observed in its seam
topics we’ll never remember with people we wont forget
we will wish the sands of time we possess
Some pluses and minuses made our stock unique
Algebra be failed but it turned us out to be

Boa and Okantah the Azonto you presided
chapel or Assembly Hall the gap with others was widened
Age and Education have always been parallel
With Foster and James Brown that rule was hard to tell
Ebo and Kpodzro the Academic barons
You etched your names in greatness with intellectual talons
Nana Kwesi Taylor, our only compere
His skills on that night non could compare
From the spoils of War emerged a renegade
In the comfort of the Grey City, Akologo’s quest was desperate
Osuan led the pack with every pistols blast
Blazing trails, setting records, both field and track
Many pulled stunts for Fame and popularity
Freda’s came naturally with past (behind) blown out of proportionality

Ïndomie’ Lit, pimped shirts , MP3s
Skinnies, Laptops, spring rolls and ice cream
out on nights to get drinks with the Boys
It’s a boring place without many toys
Tribal war instead of fighting for our rights
The Dining Hall could be the Devil’s paradise
But we never forgot The Most High in our endeavours
He Illuminates the path that leads to out treasures
Breaking all rules for peer recognition
All these handstiched to make a glorious edition
On this yeargroup the Gallanda will never wither
In body we disperse but our fame resounds forever
God bless the day we stepped in Achimota
God bless us and grace to Achimota

the tale of a yeargroup
2010 to 2013