Coffin of black

Coffins of black

Turning and turning till I turn no more
Kicking and punching an unclosed door
So still I remain still
In the darkness I fiend to fulfill

“You jumped in you jumped in!”
The ground you hold, how can I win?
The sands are heavy on my soul
On the sands I built castle you stomped with your toes

On my skinned bones sits your throne
We’re all white inside, what’s your own?
But in this coffin of black unclosed
In this coffin of black, My own

Inside I hide inside I cry
The coffin of black inside I die.
Inside I lie in state
Hoping the soot will sooth my hate

Bound by the darkness,
That hid all my eyes could see
But I’ve adjusted to the starkness
And in this coffin lies, what I see

An undead queen
Moans a war hymn
With eyes to the sky she seeks to implore him
But the coffin of black Is buried within. 
This coffin of black, My very skin
Is everything.

Prisoner of my own construct with my eyes closed. 
My hands and feet my grave digger. 
Wandering and crawling into a hole.
Walking a path I know
Trying to come home. 

Warmth on a cold night. 

Narcissistic me!

“Well boy remember what I told you.  When the lights go out and the silence comes. And the night is cold and the tears dry fast. Remember the feeling for when you can’t feel it. Base that energy and build on it so you never want to feel it again.  Know your waters so you may never drown.  Explore your space so you may never suffocate.  It is a world full of passersby. Make them stop. And notice you. Not for anything in the whole world and beyond.  But for you.
Cos this chest will rest heavy on your soul, till you decide to get up off your back. Tell me, cos I know you don’t love his coffin.  And it’s of your own mental construction.  Tear it down before the tears roll down.”


I set about to unravel,  to disentangle beauty.  To objectively understand the most subjective subject with all discipline. Excuse me, I tend to drift off.

For as these bullets find bodies to pierce
And light finds space to bright
And love finds souls to hide
Music finds hearts to warm
With fire to burn more. 

I learn more.

I yearn all
That will burn my tongue
And force me to scream out.
I sweat for
Salts to sharpen my taste
And hope for signs to arouse my faith.

It’s unclear more.

These clouds won’t hide my death
These clouds to clear my head
Kill me more than I ever died
But what is death to he already dead.

It burns more

So in these lines be equal made
With the purest form of truth and more dying days.



We come from that Huey Freeman state of mind.
Where I don’t only have to state my mind.
To show which state I mind.
But be in the state and mind
What the state pumps into my mind.
I came from a cesspool of negativity.
Where we were killed before we got the chance to live
And I needed to stand when they told me to sit.
For that was the only way to survive. 
And till this day that negativity is all around
Together with its cousins mediocrity and cowardice.
They speak loud and clear in my native tongue.
By nature my tongue was tied
As I was taught to hide and cry     
And look to the sky
But deep in my mind I began to state
Initially stemming from hate.
The caged horse anxious to run free
The tame soul wanting to more than be. Then come greed and selfishness with the cold of the night
Numbing me to that not left right.
Till what made them want me left, right
And I was left right where it all to began.
A soul full of stones and wrongs to write.
I played that slow song and watched the flame dance.
The land of the free sold my soul
Brainwashed my sis and put my bruh on death row
For slinging the rocks they own.
Taught her to hate herself,
Washing the gold off her skin trying to escape herself
On their wheel she rolled, not making herself
For within tears rolled, she did taint herself. 
Bruh was seduced by all luxuries but time
Forgetting you can bend all things but time
So he’s lost in time, drowning in crime, just as he hit his prime.
destined to be behind these bars for life
Destined to scan these bars for life
But I am the matrix. 
Before you get back on the phone lemme say this.