The Ronin

*suicidal thoughts creep up for notorious reasons
Big Ups to the Lord, Hell will never see my genius*

Mirrors dont tell you what dey see but what you want to see
Everything is in 3.142 but its not all that you can see
Tears fill his eyes as he departs from his master
Not knowing there is more that he has to master
It is out of love that the ingredients for the diamond are hidden near the core
Out of all the pressure , heat and time emerge a substance rivalled by all
A Ronin in its own sense sets the mark for all
Handled poorly by the savage hands in sierra Leone
Not knowing the true worth of the Gem they own
Misguided by the corrupt officials its journey is rough
It even doubts for what reason in to this hurtful world it was brought
But the fact that its the master of all gems sets it apart from all
Atomic bombs , volcanoes? hurricanes and it will only evolve
Like the Burj-Al Arab emerging from nothing
But the will to succeed places it above something
By the Almighty’s nebulous needle will always point
in a direction our laterite minds cannot behold
the Ronin will be a master of its own
treasured , loved, adored, but regardless never ALONE

tuff assassin
Giving, Enlightenment, Entertainment, and Knowledge


Brother Malcolm

*hope you see more than words*

black excellence
but you portraying the decadence
i write this for my sisters and brothers
who going through the hardest
and Their hopes been guillotined
dreams are kerosene
slavery never ended
just that name was suspended
and replaced with gold chains and social networks
free men with locked hair who underestimate their net worth
television channels that keep your lazy ass at home
training you to think less and develop the brain power you own
my brothers in the Diaspora celebrate their X Kaisers
who died for equality and hoped their people would be wiser
The Modern Slave ship is called the American Dream
promising greener pastures when Africa had the Garden of Eden

black excellence I’m pursuing it relentlessly
but has got nothing to do with the executive wolf in sheep’s clothing cant fool the shepherd
colonialism never ended
that name was just suspended
and replaced with veto powers and million dollar grants
ambassadors of poverty on money hunts
incoming governments are only willed debt
all the gold in their reserves is buried in your dirt
sitting ducks for economies we even import toothpicks
something like an educational system but who sets the rubrics
we buy the best cars for them and code it diplomatic immunity
but due to lack of Hospitals a mother dies untimely

black excellence
is just a mere concept
of the mentally oppressed living out a concept
like a spoon fed child we eat up everything served
our minds on a Potter’s wheel carefully turned
they set the standards we are so eager to reach
but instead of taking lessons why dont we teach
with soo much fish in the sea we’d rather lay on the beach
the Cocoa tree heavy with fruit even the child can reach
the Black we’ll be become excellent when he sees more than words
the black will become excellent when she makes herself heard

tuff assassin

Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge