Please stop fighting

Thirteen days of fighting.  Hundreds of people killed.  What irritates me is that this is not the first conflict between Israel and Palestine. The western world is sleeping on the whole issue as if it’s cows that are being slaughtered.  Russia invaded Ukraine and immediately they were given heavy economic sanctions which are still in place.
Israel say they want to destroy the military capabilities of the supposed insurgent group,”Hamas”. But what they are actually doing is refueling years of existing hate.
I’m utterly disgusted because there is nothing I can do to stop this unwarranted slaughter.  America is not concerned cos its profitable for security contractors that supply Israel with its weapons. Why are human beings soo wicked? Why won’t both sides just agree to stop?
The origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates back to biblical times. All this while the whole world has chosen to ignore the issue completely. People seem to care more about what someone wears, rather than senseless fighting.
Tonight I go to bed knowing that children have been orphaned in Gaza. I go to bed knowing death comes loudly from the skies killing the innocent in their sleep. Bullets tear families apart,  bombs burry livelihoods.  A child cries in streets, near the lifeless body of his mother.
Tonight I sleep angry at humanity,  for selectively condoning this massacre.
Please Israel and Hamas, have mercy and lay your arms down.

The Lord drives away flies for the tailless cow.


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