Unfolding bud


Nothing like the absence of fear in a soul
Moved from fearing fear to fearing being without fear
Till it was all clear. 
Chronicles of a chronic mental arsonist
Lost in a deserts, Chasing Mirages.
Gone from hanging in  abandoned hammocks
To painting Murals that pay homage to the liberty of expression
Saluting experience like generals
Embracing  the specifics
Till pyramids form over my


Desert Spring


I vaguely remember
what it felt like
to be alive.
When every word
that left my pen
was fire;
Ferocious devouring clans in the shade of dunes. 
I remember how
the force used to bubble up inside
like a father filled with pride. 
That was when words were creeks
breaking the core rocks
and come to a falling rest
For eyes to treasure and soul digest.

Now I am a shadow
holding on to a swing
rock steady through the silent wind

I can not remember myself
Or the cry of help
I only sit and watch the sunset
Hoping the moon wears a new dress. 


Alternate Take

Travi$ Scott x Hell of a Night


Why do I go blind
When I look into your eyes
And see only the setting sun skies?
You’re on the lips of every poet but I
To me you are a crime
Worth every scar and tear
Cos when you left me in the cold
I was still happy for the times you were my own
Goodbye love

-sincerely,  the soul you broke.


White sands and cold water
My pen disobeys order
From you I learnt how to be blue
Constantly wishing the clouds didn’t screen you
Broke vows, rich views, you live through
sun and moon who often undermine you
And stop piercing eyes from stabbing you
But never shall I steal your looks
Why keep my head down,  when to eyes you’re so good?