the mp3 generation

Well music is a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine a day without listen to any form of music
From Hip Hop to classic to RnB. You name it, I heard it or about it. Well it wasn’t always like this for me. The family I grew up In are huge lovers of music. I remember listening to Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Pattern in my mom’s car while we rode back home from primary school. Al those records where on cassette though
It was just about five or six year ago that the best inventions for music lovers every was introduced. “Le” MP3 format for music. This. File format made it possible more record to be compressed into very small sizes. This eliminated the problem of having to carry huge CD bags around and your classic Walkman. Now you could jam to your favourite tunes with little device know as an MP3 player ie. The Ipod.
Technology was clearly making the world a better place for all of us. Now kids can download their latest Kanye West or Beyonce album from the internet in the mp3 format.
The explosion of music began. It was everywhere . From churches to market squares to classrooms. People were listen to music on demand easily.
But this also spawned doom for most recordimg artist. Record sale were dropping rapidly. Digital copies of album where available put not enough people where buying. The artiste had to make money of tours, endorsements etc.
Now in the eyes of most people this invention is a curse and be shoukld get back to the old school way. But to me HELL no!!!!!
MP3 is one of the most important inventions of all time. Thank God of that. My generation is now constantly immersed in music. A very good thing. Hope that some else would comming and change the face of music forever. Got my fingers crossed.

Long live music!
Long live hip hop !
Thank you for the MP3 generation!!!!

«Hakeem adam»