Lovely Ash

[Shit, Damn, Motherfucker X D’Angelo]

Why did you breach this damn, dark hollow pit, wired shut in me and allow molten lava to erupt
Carelessly. When you knew you could not bear the heat and did not have the arms to close it or the words to simmer it down
Gently. So you leave me to boil uncontrollably and spill over till the lava hardens and my heart
Is stone.
And the soft ash floating carelessly like bad luck has landed on my eyes,  taking away my ability to observe

I will take the poles cold eventually but I will never recover from the

As I lay dead within, in the fire we made that burnt only

I can hear vultures handing out invites to a feast. Please tell them to sharpen their teeth for stone and not

A Self You Don’t Know

[Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper X Luv Lullaby]

What do you want?

To be happy, infinitely

   So I can live…

But happiness is such a mercurial concept to you and all. One day it’s money, another day it’s power but at the root of it all is

Love for money, love for power, love for happiness.

Love for yourself!

A self you do not know, trapped behind various lies, tricks and acts perfected over time.
A self you are too scared to find. A self too much a part of you you cannot hide. So it creeps from underneath the neatly tucked sheets of “I am fine”. To consume you.

You don’t love yourself.
You love the idea of love, but it has no personal significance to you. It is just a concept carefully seeded and groomed in your subconscious by TV shows, books and what people you thought you loved read in books and watched on TV.

You don’t know yourself enough to love yourself, and then extend that love.

You can only find yourself
                      Know yourself

And then love yourself.

Then you find happiness in everything you find yourself in.

             But then.

Is yourself something you find.
Or something you create.
                          Like love.


On a listless night…

Eternal journeyman,

On a foggy road
Floating apart
Drowning together

trapped in this life
Living not by choice
To die
And continue the journey
In loneliness, crystal cold ride
                                              The other side.


Blow that Trane


Trane train
Training all day
Trane train
Tumbling down
Lines of that Caine
White strokes for the pain
Numbing your mind
and you know,
Who knows?
Those white lines don’t play notes
Trane rode the white line
Till it left town
Before the stars
Could spell his name

Trane riding
That cold train
Into a tunnel with one mouth
That don’t blow horns
Like Trane.