Burning corpse; ready to blow

Even the maggots with no legs are crawling out of this cold flesh that is turning to the subject of dirges  Even the raunchy odor ,born within, is hiding in the pockets of Fresh Air, going to a place where it can breathe

time holds this carcass from imploding.stress giving way to the sweet release of bitter death

The unconcerned sun above fathers no no shade for us

Life left this place before we had time to live

And death will go before we realize that this place is…


with hands in hands


artwork by Hakeem Adam “With hands in hands” (2016)


Introducing Dandano

[Jill Scott X Not Like Crazy]

Hello Guys, 

I used to love this blog so much. It was one of my most comfortable spaces on the Internet and probably deep down in me it still is. The Lost Scrolls/Tuff Assassin gave me a voice to express myself through the magic of poetry and through those little rhymes and charming metaphors, I fell in love with the beauty of words. I taught myself to adore them and use them as outlet to deal with the demons in my head and heart. I met a lot of wonderful friends here too. 

Sadly I have fallen out of love with it. I still write poetry but I don’t share it so much on here. I do plan on changing that very soon. Maybe it is time for another “A poem a day” challenge.

These days I focus my energy on this new platform I am building called Dandano. It is a platform dedicated to the critical analysis of African film and music. I am just building but I think you guys have earned the right to know about it. It is part of the reason why my poetry is sporadic but I intend to find focus and continue to share my words with you. For now Dandano is all I have to offer. 

For those who have stuck with me through this silence, thank you. I hope to return to sharing my creative writing. 

-Hakeem Adam