Don’t ruin my beautiful world

You know, with the level of literacy in some “developed countries” you’d assume the public would look at a matter, especially a political one, critically.  I heard this report on the BBC world service concerning what should be done with the Guantanamo bay detention facility. 
They played an interview of a family member of the victims of the 9/11 attack. I was shocked at what this woman stuttered out. Justifying the acts of terror being perpetrated on these so called terrorist all in the name of protecting American citizens.  She said the camp, which the General upon whose recommendations it was opened described as the legal equivalent of the moon, should continue to run and stay as far away from American soil as possible.  She went on that the people held there were not American citizens and as such did not deserve to be prosecuted properly, but rather held in the military camp.
Nothing pained me more than how this supposed victim, justified the destruction of the lives of other people because her sister had been killed. I thought considering the fact that she and her family had experienced grief, she would have been more sympathetic. When families are torn apart by American tax payers bullets and bombs, it’s not terrorism.  Does she think the people in Afghanistan and Iraq just got up one day and became angry?  I wonder what the attitude of the world would have been had Guantanamo been run by Russia or some other super power. But once its American everyone is quiet about the atrocities.  Why should your evil be justified because of the pain you feel but the actions of others are frowned upon when they retaliate from their pain.
My anger is causing me to deviate from the essence of this post.  Double standards.  It’s okay to kill because I have the power. You’d assume in today’s world people would examine issues more critically. 

I am not supporting any acts of terror, I sympathize with the families affected by all the wars and political violence in the world. The world is way too beautiful and wonderful to waste my time hating and attacking others. 
All I ask for is that we learn to be objective and truthful.  Guantanamo should be shut down. Don’t do evil because evil was done to you.
I’m not pro-terrorism or anti-American. I’m simple examining the issue critically. 
We live in such a beautiful world.  Don’t ruin it with your stupidity. 
Thank you


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