I should probably, for the love of God just cry.
For the love of more just die.

For love of course, is benign
And renegade to the tyrant Time.

Love is more than desire;
An un-dying fire.


Cheerleader X Felix Jaehn


Dear G,

Salty water separates us. Maybe that accounts for how salty you’ve been lately? But that’s none of my business. I’m supposed to write something that has lines from one of those your old songs. I’ll find some way to fit it in this. Lol, seamlessly of course. Because that’s how I do. I miss the days we’d sing Heartless, and do the A milli rap- ohhh gaadd that takes me baaack. Those days when GBS hadn’t done us wayo. When Andy was Lil’ Ro. And we could fight over things, my too known feminist fourteen year old self believing I had the answers to everything. Your nonsense making me think sometimes that I didn’t. When you wrote raps and poetry and I was well, the cheerleader. When life wasn’t complicated; we were on the same continent. But things got complicated even before that became an issue. I wish…

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Day says

One day I just wake up and realize that I’m just a mass floating around. Being pushed and shoved aimlessly by systems and institutions. Kneaded and molded by experience. Skilled in the art of being skill-less. Learning to forget. Applying to the dead.
One day I look outside and see the vibrant, seamless grass with shadows lounging on them. The luminescent, falling sun prying through the cracks of silhouetted leaves. I feel the sunshine caress my labored skin, and cool refreshing breeze calm my disarrayed soul.
I open my eyes and try to resist the urge to floa…….

Random shot By Wendy Opoku.
Random shot By Wendy Opoku.

_ _

Written By Hakeem

Photography by Wendy Opoku.


There was a time when the darkness enlightened
And the silence frightened
The mystery schooled me
So the knowledge did not elude me
But now the beacon is beyond
Or to my very eyes, the light is gone
Now with arms outstretched I grope
For that which is clear and goads
The passion from the depth of my soul
In these clouds, I am lost in doubt
Lost without, a cause or out.
I am rooted.