Do you ever listen to the poetry?

Do you ever listen to the poetry?
Do you hear the 

War chants 

These lines whisper 

Whilst hugging the shadows?
Do you see the blood 

Clotting at the same

Spot where fragile feelings 

Collide against the

The rock shore of reality?
Do you ever pay attention 

To the flags 

That these words 

Twirls against gale-force winds

On rainy days

And stormy night?
If you did 

You would hear 

That they do not

Call your name

Put simply wish to

Spill out the pain 
So left it flow 

Even if it fills up

No wellls within 

It should make you

Feel whole.

// I might take this down soon. Words and  photo by Hakeem Adam. 


I will not 

I will not 

Mourn you when 

You go. 

I will not try

To remember the taste

Of your smile

Fading from my tongue

Or the lavender 

Or your presence 

Snaking away on

The back of the wind. 

When you leave 

With your head 

In the clouds 

Towards a rising sun 

I will forget 

To mourn Your loss. 

Rather I will celebrate 

Your journey 

To wherever