[ jhene aiko, kanye west || sailing not selling]

Drunk with pain,
He staggers along the brink of existence
Clad in shame,
He seeks shade under the tree of forgiveness
The lust for life replaced with suicidal serenades
Expectations as a child dashed before a maturing age
Spiteful chants dominate his utterances
To the tune of deaths flute his soul dances
Man of steel can wait to rest
Man of dreams, he better get to rest
There’s no one to blame in this situation
He followed the system and got an education
The system guaranteed nothing but its existence
And systematically suppressed his attempts at persistence 
His metaphysical views are near irrelevant
Reality kisses him with the chill of a refrigerant
Sinister thought occupy his degenerate mind
Sees the bright lights and lifts his head to the sky
Beseeches the most high to avoid suicide
To make critical changes to his thinking  does he decides
To replace his lust of life with a lust for strife
to liberate himself from that that doesn’t care
And walk away a new man with garlands in his hair

Tuff assassin


The Executioner

The bow of a slave ship, points forward
To the doom,to which we’ve led our daughters
The red of the Atlantic is only seen by the most affected
boodshed all over, has left our soil soiled and dejected
Form the coast to the Sahara the waves spared no soul
My tears today are mere African political policy
And a Reminder of a dark period in our history
The himbeergeist is poured into the sea
As we pray for the forgiveness of the sins of the executioner

Tuff Assassin

The Walk


Retrospective introspection of adolescent rejection
Unknown unknowns bringing about dejection
Natural laws defied, rather cerebral selection
intellectual suppression
Emo-physical neglections
Literary merlins
Anahilating virgins
With passive thoughts of being great
But the system has already labelled them late
Believe in fate.                               or be it fate
You pledge allegiance to a mummified state
So bow down your head and pray

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My First English Assignment

 My experiences on coming to Legon as a first year

    The modern society I find myself in makes it feel like having a degree is a statutory requirement in life, without making it accessible to all. To my juvenile mind, universities are an avenue to increase the content of my mind and mature as an individual.
    The so called “modernized, hustle-free, computerized residential allocation did more harm than good. My contemporaries and I had to go through Hell before landing accommodation in overpriced, poorly maintained hostels. My notion of lecture halls being comfortable, cozy and interactive were quickly dispelled after my first lecture. I had to content myself with standing outside for the full duration of the lecture. A round of applause for our competent academic affairs directorate.
       My initial experience of varsity life in Legon were contrary to the idealistic portrayal I had of it. I can only look I can only look to the remainder of my period of study with optimism for more tasteful experiences.

Tuff assassin

The force that binds

watch them shower blessing and adoration
with so much passion, like adolescents fornicating
parenthesis and colons abused on some Amy whinehouse
true feelings are Akoned, its bliss till you find out
then you gotta get shid straighten up, Alan Harper for your spinal
the art of war transgresses Tommies and MACs
brains slower than falling feathers, they ain’t bout the facts
the covert is displayed by the overt,the skills you never lack
narratively persuasive but passive aggression
thoughts scattered, we witnessed the tower of babel fall
the force that binds, cos of which we were once in awe
tracheas silts once the feeling is lost
the force that binds
wells of oil and gold mines
is a grain of sand compared to the force that binds
the force lost turns king Arthur’s into Rikers
19 and 21 but shid don’t add up, all feeling lifeless
gangtsalicious feeling lost, once caused by the force
we allow the force or the force allows us
we still slaves to the force, teens on pornography
just make sure you got a Guevara fell to your biography

tuff assassin

Sea sand

*random old stuff*

well this aint my active imagination
or a random conversation
or an immature judication
of a young man
after i while i can call myself that man
or have i even earned the word in every sense
five zeros in my report card i dont deserve cents
but now i have learnt
to accept my failure and repent
from “D’evils in the forms voluptuous women and bad lyrics
petty lies that could get you five stitches
remember my young days when life wasn’t bout riches
i was concerned with tying laces to stop me from tripping
now Ciroc in your mouth you got expensive taste
and the hardest thing right now is being chaste

Tuff Assassin

Katrina Jody Howard

like the thud that the raindrops make on the ground
so was your fist to the side of my arm
the bliss of our love i though will never end
but the wounds of Cupid i had to tend

Familiarity breeds contempt I never thought in our case
we never varied the routine that was the cause of our case
Now every night the streams flood my room
and the cause of this pain is always you
But after the dark clouds there is always sunshine
a lil missed sometimes but always on prime time

my only wish is that you find joy

tho its will never be with me

you’ll always be my childhood toy

which i can’t imagine why i liked it back then




tuff asassin


seas of salt line the cheeks
grief has spurred a violent leak
richly churned with sinister thoughts
the stage is set for a silent war
the executioner need more than will power to carry out his task
without reason or meaning there is no need to react
we only find peace with absolute detachment from what we’ve grown to accept
rumblings of an estranged heart
lays in a sarcophagus and dreams of a new start

tuff assassin

When The Reign Is Pouring

like dark clouds hovering over the Serenghetti
some greet them with joy but i hope y’all remember me
i hope i don’t fade into a distant memory
i hope my rain will give support to the wandering souls
stimulate the young and invigorate the old
not resonate the fame, but hopefully train
the infants to try not to achieve same
nothing less than better
i hope the rain last forever
but the longer it pours, the more destruction it will cause
so when the rain does eventually pour
it will pour not cos it can, but because it has deserved the right to pour

tuff assassin