My First English Assignment

 My experiences on coming to Legon as a first year

    The modern society I find myself in makes it feel like having a degree is a statutory requirement in life, without making it accessible to all. To my juvenile mind, universities are an avenue to increase the content of my mind and mature as an individual.
    The so called “modernized, hustle-free, computerized residential allocation did more harm than good. My contemporaries and I had to go through Hell before landing accommodation in overpriced, poorly maintained hostels. My notion of lecture halls being comfortable, cozy and interactive were quickly dispelled after my first lecture. I had to content myself with standing outside for the full duration of the lecture. A round of applause for our competent academic affairs directorate.
       My initial experience of varsity life in Legon were contrary to the idealistic portrayal I had of it. I can only look I can only look to the remainder of my period of study with optimism for more tasteful experiences.

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