The force that binds

watch them shower blessing and adoration
with so much passion, like adolescents fornicating
parenthesis and colons abused on some Amy whinehouse
true feelings are Akoned, its bliss till you find out
then you gotta get shid straighten up, Alan Harper for your spinal
the art of war transgresses Tommies and MACs
brains slower than falling feathers, they ain’t bout the facts
the covert is displayed by the overt,the skills you never lack
narratively persuasive but passive aggression
thoughts scattered, we witnessed the tower of babel fall
the force that binds, cos of which we were once in awe
tracheas silts once the feeling is lost
the force that binds
wells of oil and gold mines
is a grain of sand compared to the force that binds
the force lost turns king Arthur’s into Rikers
19 and 21 but shid don’t add up, all feeling lifeless
gangtsalicious feeling lost, once caused by the force
we allow the force or the force allows us
we still slaves to the force, teens on pornography
just make sure you got a Guevara fell to your biography

tuff assassin


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