[ jhene aiko, kanye west || sailing not selling]

Drunk with pain,
He staggers along the brink of existence
Clad in shame,
He seeks shade under the tree of forgiveness
The lust for life replaced with suicidal serenades
Expectations as a child dashed before a maturing age
Spiteful chants dominate his utterances
To the tune of deaths flute his soul dances
Man of steel can wait to rest
Man of dreams, he better get to rest
There’s no one to blame in this situation
He followed the system and got an education
The system guaranteed nothing but its existence
And systematically suppressed his attempts at persistence 
His metaphysical views are near irrelevant
Reality kisses him with the chill of a refrigerant
Sinister thought occupy his degenerate mind
Sees the bright lights and lifts his head to the sky
Beseeches the most high to avoid suicide
To make critical changes to his thinking  does he decides
To replace his lust of life with a lust for strife
to liberate himself from that that doesn’t care
And walk away a new man with garlands in his hair

Tuff assassin


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