Squeak: #Inktober Day 26

Where did your voice go

when pain invaded my heart

and set fire to the vines

that bridge my mind.

Where did your voice go

in the storm of hurt

that washed away my memories 

of joy.

But I hear you groan

as I teach my lips to be free

and smile.
When you were the ball of dirty

trapped in my throat. 


Deep: #Inktober Day 20

A butchered self 

scampers from the light 

clings to the blind fold 

that is the dark 

and wonders the littered path 

in search of fragments of the heart 

to stich together with hope 

so it can bleed again 
A numb body 

trapped with memories 

of a time when hair stood at parade 

to announce the invasion 

of love.