I should probably, for the love of God just cry.
For the love of more just die.

For love of course, is benign
And renegade to the tyrant Time.

Love is more than desire;
An un-dying fire.


9 thoughts on “Metaphysical

      1. Yep.

        Ermm, it makes me think about the theme of power (which seems to be my most favourite theme in all literature).

        The phrase, tyrant Time, makes me think about the negativity that surrounds the word Tyranny.

        Is tyranny such a bad thing?
        Or has tyranny been abused?

        Imagine if Time was democratic leader 🙂


      2. I agree with you. It is like assuming slavery is generally bad or wrong just because of the conditioning we have received over time. Time is tyrannical in a good way, in my opinion. I think it will be arduous to determine who deserves more or less time.


  1. I’m back again. . . like my spinal cord, lol!

    Does the first line express an urgency of request, or annoyance (less likely a surprise)?
    That is if that line was written figuratively.

    And it seems the power of wanting more, the love of more can induce a death of sorts which brings a kind of negativity about the use of the word love.

    But in the next line you kind of distinguish between the use of the word and the word itself:

    “For love of course, is benign”

    But you seem to go back the almost-negative tone of what love could be by using the word ‘renegade’ which connotes love rebelling against not the just time but “Tyrant time”.

    And so seems to justify the response of love as a rebel, a worthy cause against something negative.
    However, time naturally having a positive feel about it is cast into negativity by the use of the word ‘Tyrant’; or do you seem to challenge society’s perception of what we’ve known time to be?
    In addition, do you point to the metaphysical power of love as an able element that can, or does surmounts the concept of time?

    In the last lines you seem to restore the goodness of love which your words may have shown in a bad light by pointing to the fact that,

    “Love is more than desire”;

    a statement which can be understood as love being something more; such as ‘giving love’, and not just ‘wanting love’. Because the love of wanting – just wanting, and not also giving – probably makes you think you should die because of that, as seen in your opening lines.

    Finally, you do not particularly say if the love wanting, and the love of giving is one better than the other. Because you end with:

    “Love is […];
    An un-dying fire”

    Sort of borrowing from the saying that “Fire is a good servant but a bad master”; the bad masterly part being the just wanting part of loving.

    *shrugs* Just thinking out loud.

    *whispers* Metaphysical.
    The elements of love, time and fire. . .


    1. LOL. Yes the first line was intended to express annoyance. Also, I think the negativity is relative. The power of love here is metaphysical. Dead or alive, love still exists.


      1. Great (y).

        I think I’m becoming a fan of this challenging of perceptions of negativity.

        *Titles it ‘The Relativity of Negativity’*

        Thanks for throwing more light on what you’ve written. It’s fun! 🙂


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