When it was just a boy and a blog

It might have been annoying to some of you at that time but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to write, to the extent that I wasn’t so critical about what I wrote. As long as I got it out of my mind and in a coffin of words I could burry somewhere I was fine. Honestly, the thing I was most exited about was other people actually reading my shit.

Any time I saw the WordPress notification on my phone, either a like or a comment, I got high as the cow jumping over the money. It meant to me, in the most minute way, that I had communicate – exactly what I had set out to do.

Then with the falling of leaves, it all started to dry up and wither. The feelings became fish out of water. I got caught up in the likes and the view. I was more interested in being seen than being heard. I also branched out, which is a perfectly normal symptom of any artistic growth. I went swimming in oceans and lakes and I met all sort of fishes and creatures, saw all sorts of shores and drank all sorts of waters.

Now I don’t even know where my body has washed ashore. Writing is not what it used to be for me. And this is driving me insane, not because I don’t know but because I need it to be cathartic and it just doesn’t seem to be. It’s became obligatory to write which should be good but its also sucked out the serendipity in it.

This is not any promise or radical change. I haven’t written a post in one take for years. So in honor of those days when it was just me and my hunger and passion to write,  satisfying just that – I want to communicate.



Second Anniversary

Freddie Joachim x Wait

Two years!


When I began this,  I had not thought so far ahead. I doubted myself so much back then and I doubted I’d make it this for. Initially,  it was a platform for me to share my intimate and stirring thoughts I had scribbled illegibly behind notebooks in high school.  It was and still is a stage for me to inspire and be inspired, grow and learn and perfect this art I am naturally drawn to.
There is more growth to come. I have planned a reform, or better still, an evolution. Moving forward, whilst staying true to the core values that got me here.
It is an amazing feeling each time I post something. I am actually surprised that someone takes time read what I write. I can’t Thank y’all enough. I could try by continuing to give you that cherished content. 
This blog, on some dark days, has been the only thing holding me together. I’ve met amazing people through this outlet,  written more than I can be proud of. So thank you for making this true.
-From a simple heart, old soul and iridescent tounge.

Happy Second Anniversary on this blog.


Photo credit : Damaris Danso.

Day says

One day I just wake up and realize that I’m just a mass floating around. Being pushed and shoved aimlessly by systems and institutions. Kneaded and molded by experience. Skilled in the art of being skill-less. Learning to forget. Applying to the dead.
One day I look outside and see the vibrant, seamless grass with shadows lounging on them. The luminescent, falling sun prying through the cracks of silhouetted leaves. I feel the sunshine caress my labored skin, and cool refreshing breeze calm my disarrayed soul.
I open my eyes and try to resist the urge to floa…….

Random shot By Wendy Opoku.
Random shot By Wendy Opoku.

_ _

Written By Hakeem

Photography by Wendy Opoku.

Ignite [One Hundredth Post]

I seek to stoke,
The smouldering smoke
That resides
Deep in the brilliant eyes
Of you and I
As we look to the skies
And excite the forces of fire and ice
For a little respite
The sins we hide
The same that we claim we chide.

I am the match that is different from the rest.
The strike that sparks the best.
The flames that ensure the impure is charred ,
so from the ashes emerge the luminescence we look up to,
The stars.

I ignite. 

WordPress has informed me that this is my hundredth post. I has been running this blog for close to two years on the principle of quality over quantity.  Everyday I am inspired by the immense growth I keep going through on here. The great minds I meet. How by you getting to know me through my art, I got to know myself and the world. Thank you.
-Hakeem Adam.