Artemis’ Tears

Balma’s idea

Walking towards the minaret she feel the guilt
Of annihilating a vessel the creator built
Five minutes of pleasure, eternity of shame
Judged by all, but is she really to blame
For pushing the metal into her vagina and end the torture
Surely she woulda been insulted and antagonised by the doctor
Her friends put up a facade, like they dont judge her
Faced with the choice of being a teenage mother
She’s bitten the hand that feeds, how can she feed another
Everyone shuns her company, even her own lover
Its sad
Tears form gullies all along her cheeks. No comfort comes with these salted seas
Its hard
“but is it really a sin to kill my own seed?
its not like it my only”
Justified or unjustified, she gotta live with it
The stigma is a scar on a warriors cheek
The Taboo is a viable option, though it may seem bleak

Tuff Assassin
Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge


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