The Black Star Line

this is something I wrote a while back in History class

great grandfathers on horse backs blazing through the savannah
to pompous rulers on palanquins being used to called Nana
red hunters from the Chad leading adherent to the Niger
scholars in Timbuctu, warrior kings called Ghana
burnt faces with civilisation we showed y’all the standard
pyramids and heirogliphs only we know what’s under
anti-chauvinistic, Dahomey lead the charge with Amazons
gold weights and old plates all traded at Awdaghost
surpassed Dynamo by gluing the ground to a sword
rulers made saints, Shango’s bravery made a cult
we all had excellence and for that we should have fought
the genesis of the exodus part of it was our fault
we used our anvils for swords instead of making rods
to protect our gold we engineered mud wall
big brains in small minds that was our only prob
where the sun sets
most of the north suffered from conquest
fought hard and long, ended a null set
a new horizon was what the west woke up to
a caucasian’s whip was all the looked up to
now they praying to a lord the never knew
to save them from this bane of servitude
but would only change when they changed their attitude

Tuff Assassin


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