She aint an independent mom
Heavily influenced by others but still remains unique
No matter how vulgar her aim is still to teach
To the poor kids she is a way off the streets
To the ignorant mind she is just a business venture
The elderly see her as a path not to venture
But to most of us she’s our life’s very centre
Her faithful kids are all well fed
If you learn to hold a knife you can slice bread
It’s not easy to master her dance steps
Simple, yet sophisticated in every respect
She is a constant victim of every form of abuse
But that’s just the motion when you’re your own Zeus
She doesn’t need triangles to make her point
Only small circles can connect the dots
And shine on stage while others will Be props
Sincerely she is just airing out your thoughts
Using your intellect to bring out the pictures in your mind
Cutting across all boundaries, race and time
Laying your life story on a baseline
We are too quick to judge and not keen to listen
We hear what we want to and keep our minds in a prison
She is the voice of the mentally oppressed
In the jungle of distress
Illuminating the world, set apart from the rest
She is a mother to all hearts who reach out to her
She is the Cleopatra of Music and the world is her chair
She is Hip Hop and that I declare

tuff assassin

Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge


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