The Comfort In Him

*telling stories that no one relates to*

Set apart like the legs of a tripod
Her inner glow is radiant all over him
Her subtle gestures he did not over write
His hearts filled with an emotion as he held up his chin
And uttered the words that to some is delight
There and then those words did she twin
Sparks flew, flowers grew the love which was once innate
Is now an orchid seedling bursting through Manhattan’s busy streets
With Daughter of the third a bond existed with no debate
And she was certainly bringing out in him a John Keats
She held his arm and pulled him close
And on his black lips planted a kiss
She looked into his eyes which were turning into a molotov
And they both could see this was all bliss
Somewhat a miracle like MANA falling from the heavens
Now that he was holding her it will be hard for him to let go

tuff assassin
Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge


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