We come from that Huey Freeman state of mind.
Where I don’t only have to state my mind.
To show which state I mind.
But be in the state and mind
What the state pumps into my mind.
I came from a cesspool of negativity.
Where we were killed before we got the chance to live
And I needed to stand when they told me to sit.
For that was the only way to survive. 
And till this day that negativity is all around
Together with its cousins mediocrity and cowardice.
They speak loud and clear in my native tongue.
By nature my tongue was tied
As I was taught to hide and cry     
And look to the sky
But deep in my mind I began to state
Initially stemming from hate.
The caged horse anxious to run free
The tame soul wanting to more than be. Then come greed and selfishness with the cold of the night
Numbing me to that not left right.
Till what made them want me left, right
And I was left right where it all to began.
A soul full of stones and wrongs to write.
I played that slow song and watched the flame dance.
The land of the free sold my soul
Brainwashed my sis and put my bruh on death row
For slinging the rocks they own.
Taught her to hate herself,
Washing the gold off her skin trying to escape herself
On their wheel she rolled, not making herself
For within tears rolled, she did taint herself. 
Bruh was seduced by all luxuries but time
Forgetting you can bend all things but time
So he’s lost in time, drowning in crime, just as he hit his prime.
destined to be behind these bars for life
Destined to scan these bars for life
But I am the matrix. 
Before you get back on the phone lemme say this.


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