Coffin of black

Coffins of black

Turning and turning till I turn no more
Kicking and punching an unclosed door
So still I remain still
In the darkness I fiend to fulfill

“You jumped in you jumped in!”
The ground you hold, how can I win?
The sands are heavy on my soul
On the sands I built castle you stomped with your toes

On my skinned bones sits your throne
We’re all white inside, what’s your own?
But in this coffin of black unclosed
In this coffin of black, My own

Inside I hide inside I cry
The coffin of black inside I die.
Inside I lie in state
Hoping the soot will sooth my hate

Bound by the darkness,
That hid all my eyes could see
But I’ve adjusted to the starkness
And in this coffin lies, what I see

An undead queen
Moans a war hymn
With eyes to the sky she seeks to implore him
But the coffin of black Is buried within. 
This coffin of black, My very skin
Is everything.

Prisoner of my own construct with my eyes closed. 
My hands and feet my grave digger. 
Wandering and crawling into a hole.
Walking a path I know
Trying to come home. 

Warmth on a cold night. 


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