Narcissistic me!

“Well boy remember what I told you.  When the lights go out and the silence comes. And the night is cold and the tears dry fast. Remember the feeling for when you can’t feel it. Base that energy and build on it so you never want to feel it again.  Know your waters so you may never drown.  Explore your space so you may never suffocate.  It is a world full of passersby. Make them stop. And notice you. Not for anything in the whole world and beyond.  But for you.
Cos this chest will rest heavy on your soul, till you decide to get up off your back. Tell me, cos I know you don’t love his coffin.  And it’s of your own mental construction.  Tear it down before the tears roll down.”



When you love something, allow it to consume you.
Cos when the leaves fall, it better still be with you
Happiness is expensive
And lately I always seem to find myself pensive
Waiting for the sunshine
As emotion is purged
Waiting for the sunshine
To burn my hurt
Waiting for the bronze statues to smile back.
Cos he can relate to feeling trapped
At least his eyes are closed
But mine are wide open; admiring the pose. 
I touch his heart and feel no cold.
God no!
I am his state, left in the cold.
Stripped of innocence
With nothing but dust to form my nest.
Under the focus of the light thief
I shine and postpone my grief.