Penda is the Swahili word for love

evident beauty she is a lone star on a dark night
found by the one who looks, oh what a blissful sight
her voice melts my blood and soul
and gets me thinking of a sinful road
her blessed company is sheer heaven
though see aint a goddess, queen or a legend
my love for her is beyond human understanding
but I’m a devil, not human so you must understand
the rubrics of modern interaction elude me
all these her gestures confuse me
like the genuflectures of an Ashanti king on a palanquin
my heart mimics the talking drum, when of her i think
i relay these messages through laughs and blinks
my only limitation is decision making
is she worth the effort, tho’ she is already taken
I’ve always based my decisions on all things concrete
now in the absence of that I’m at sea

tuff assassin


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