The Ronin

*suicidal thoughts creep up for notorious reasons
Big Ups to the Lord, Hell will never see my genius*

Mirrors dont tell you what dey see but what you want to see
Everything is in 3.142 but its not all that you can see
Tears fill his eyes as he departs from his master
Not knowing there is more that he has to master
It is out of love that the ingredients for the diamond are hidden near the core
Out of all the pressure , heat and time emerge a substance rivalled by all
A Ronin in its own sense sets the mark for all
Handled poorly by the savage hands in sierra Leone
Not knowing the true worth of the Gem they own
Misguided by the corrupt officials its journey is rough
It even doubts for what reason in to this hurtful world it was brought
But the fact that its the master of all gems sets it apart from all
Atomic bombs , volcanoes? hurricanes and it will only evolve
Like the Burj-Al Arab emerging from nothing
But the will to succeed places it above something
By the Almighty’s nebulous needle will always point
in a direction our laterite minds cannot behold
the Ronin will be a master of its own
treasured , loved, adored, but regardless never ALONE

tuff assassin
Giving, Enlightenment, Entertainment, and Knowledge


10 thoughts on “The Ronin

  1. Herh. You eh. I’ve told you. I’ll always support you. Especially something as beautiful and imaginative as this.. You kept me busy trying to figure out what you meant. God Bless you. 🙂


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