Sparks fly 

We speak in 

Lazy handshakes, distant stares and brief hugs 

Golden darts of sunshine 

Hiding under a tarp 

Afraid to fly and grease the sky
But inside us

Where rivulets of desire

Learn to find their feet

Sparks fly 

Jetting from the darknes 

Eager to burst through 

The tension on our faces 

I hope one day 

Sparks do fly away 

A somehow light this fire 

That we are afraid of burning 

Cos we carry too many scars 

From too many wretched flames


Do you ever listen to the poetry?

Do you ever listen to the poetry?
Do you hear the 

War chants 

These lines whisper 

Whilst hugging the shadows?
Do you see the blood 

Clotting at the same

Spot where fragile feelings 

Collide against the

The rock shore of reality?
Do you ever pay attention 

To the flags 

That these words 

Twirls against gale-force winds

On rainy days

And stormy night?
If you did 

You would hear 

That they do not

Call your name

Put simply wish to

Spill out the pain 
So left it flow 

Even if it fills up

No wellls within 

It should make you

Feel whole.

// I might take this down soon. Words and  photo by Hakeem Adam. 

Pardon my paranoia 

When we met

In the scalding heat 

Of the barren desert

You came gently 

A cool breeze slowly

Grazing the tiny hairs on my skin
You told me you were


Here to quench my thirst 
And I took you in

One big gulp after the other

Till you made me heavy 

With satisfaction 
I did not know that

You could be a storm

Raining down pellets 

Or the waves 

Crashing from beyond 

Or a lake 

Sitting at peace

Or a drop in the sand 

Soon to vanish 
So now that my skin is dry

And my heart is fractured 

Into the crocodile bark of a tree
What will you be

For me?


Today we walk away from the paved road 

We abandon the smooth ground 

For somewhere rough 

Where blades of grass will lick our legs 

And sharp stones will make our progress slow

But we must leave the path 

That is so smooth and gentle 

That we can move without meeting any resistance 

We must forget it

It is too crowded with others looking for an easy way 

We must blaze our own trail 

One that our feet will fit into perfectly 

And walk on our own way 

To a place with a nice view 


Wild flowers sprouting by the beach 

Do you not fear the waves?

Listen to them roar 

As they run to the shore 

Watch them speed towards the sands 

In a mighty line 

Only to crash into grains of sand

And break.

Wild flower be careful 

The water come for us all 

So teach your fruit to float 

So it can ride the waves 

And jump off when they crash