Looking for tomorrow + Video Art

Ambition does not work

where she comes from

It does not buy you

any of the meals

whose army of aromas 

compete with the rebel stench of filth 

for the wings of the air.
It does not get you a ticket

on à rickety bus

through a sea of traffic

to the hills

of shinny seducing lights 

and clean air sweatened 

by the presence of peace
Ambition has no value here

It is a stubborn shrub

growing by the side of a wide gutter

whose leaves are always chewed

by the strolling goats and dozing cattle 

Yet stays alive 

and hopes of flowering 

when the rain comes 
Ambition has no place

in this same place 

where it is hawked shamelessly 

by the finest merchants 

who descend from the hills 
But she buys 

more than she can carry 

in her empty chest 

and waits for the day 

when she will walk past 

the same streets she walks everyday 

and they will

become gardens 

where she too can grow. 

This poem like most of my new poetry will be accompanied by a video art installation. Thank you. 


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