A Bright Kid, An Unethical Shrink and a lot of quotation marks.

“At what point do you decide to burn all bridges and look forward? ”
“When what’s in front of you is way better than what’s behind you. Which is most often than not.”
“What if what’s behind you is paradise?  Like the best you can ever imagine.  And what if you move forward and all you see is a mirage?  How do you avoid the regret?”
“Now if you’re considering avoiding regret then my best bet is that you might have never had that beautiful thing now behind you. Good things don’t come to those who wait, but those who try.”
“Like most things in life I’m guessing there’s no easy way out? I either stop being a fucking coward and look forward with the promise of better lighting up my eyes.  Or look back and stay in the comfort that has become uncomfortable, and where the anxiety of not knowing if I could have better on my face.”
“I’ve always told you kid, trust yourself no matter what.”
“I think I’m ready to look forward.  When I began our sessions,  I resolved to stop being a coward and try new things. So far it has been fucking awesome. ”
“Yea we have ourselves to thank for that. No one else.”

In my mind palace, I have a section which shares the same title as this post. The above is today’s entry. 


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