Sunset Walks

We are led to believe that education is like a slots machine. Just flip the lever and you might win. It is after you’ve taken you seat in the casino that you realise it’s not so. With education, especially the higher levels, you have to know how the system works to stand a chance of winning. You’re told to go to school for an education you can’t afford. The if you’re lucky or smart, you get a job and keep paying those who told you to go to school. Because it is the “most necessary” thing in life. If you’re not lucky, you can’t go to school or you can’t get a job, you keep on paying for an education you never really chose for yourself. Then you wanna do what you’re born to do. You wanna die. Before you’re even aware your life is just another statistic. A thirty five point whatever ever chance of surviving.

I think Ghanaians just love mediocrity so much. Subconsciously, it has become part of the hard wiring of our society. We get treated like shit, and because of our inferiority complex we accept the peanut compensation which we actually don’t deserve but we are entitled to. Know your worth, please. We pay our taxes, stay peaceful and all that our bullshit that looks good. Rather than been rewarded, we don’t even get what we deserve. Instead we are deprived of our basic amenities. Water that Allah has given free is now a luxury. How can I do my part and don’t give me what I deserve? Rather they wait, for God knows what, a half solve the problem. But because I am so used to being treated like shit, I appreciate this half rather than agitation for full. Till the cycle repeats itself. We need more of the Oliver Twist complex. Demand what is yours. Two things. Instead of running away or constantly complaining, think of a way. So that when you don’t get what’s yours, you find a way to make yours.

I think we’re getting somewhere as a people, no matter how slow. The problem is that not to many actually care about the “People “. The just really care about “themselves”. But that’s a topic for later.

Blessed is the woman, interested in both sides of the conversation.


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