How The Beautyful Ones Taught Me Perspective.

A masterpiece on a master, peace.
A masterpiece on a master, peace.

The silent observes should notice an enigmatic woman with hypnotic curves syncing with the groove of the soul, jazz samples. Notice how her full head of locked hair, with a life of its own, bobs to the rhythm of each kick. Her ravishing curves, masterfully gliding into the ambiance her accompaniment creates. Her eyes closed as her mind mellows into the cool, and the observer vicariously feel it too. Her arms, gently but purposefully, cutting through the space around her. How her arms wave, along with the waves, showing the observer the metaphysical synergy of rhythm and life. And just as the sound begins to ebbs into silence, she too begins to retreat, her souls admits defeat. The observe should see her with bright eyes and a big radiant simile take a seat, whilst her soul sulks and hopes the silence is repealed.

This a short excerpt form a much more elaborate project being created by yours truly. I have just been overwhelmingly inspired by Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born. Specifically his dynamic approach to narrative perspective. The abstract. Truly a work of art.


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