Second Anniversary

Freddie Joachim x Wait

Two years!


When I began this,  I had not thought so far ahead. I doubted myself so much back then and I doubted I’d make it this for. Initially,  it was a platform for me to share my intimate and stirring thoughts I had scribbled illegibly behind notebooks in high school.  It was and still is a stage for me to inspire and be inspired, grow and learn and perfect this art I am naturally drawn to.
There is more growth to come. I have planned a reform, or better still, an evolution. Moving forward, whilst staying true to the core values that got me here.
It is an amazing feeling each time I post something. I am actually surprised that someone takes time read what I write. I can’t Thank y’all enough. I could try by continuing to give you that cherished content. 
This blog, on some dark days, has been the only thing holding me together. I’ve met amazing people through this outlet,  written more than I can be proud of. So thank you for making this true.
-From a simple heart, old soul and iridescent tounge.

Happy Second Anniversary on this blog.


Photo credit : Damaris Danso.


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