JMSN x Addicted and Addicted, Pt II.
My mindset is on the finest.
My mind tests, my resolve;
But my conviction revolves,
Around the one beyond the gulf
Whose heart is walled.
I swear she gon be with me like the force.
But not by force, of course.
The source of this entanglement is beyond.
I quite trynna understand it or fight it.
I embrace it and face it, till the very basis of my being is no more.
But through these A-B’s her soul will soar.
I hope it don’t cause her to grow sore.
Forgive me.
Lately the music been soothing,
The wounds from which emotion is oozing.
Scared of the thought of loosing,
You. So I hold on to the illusion.
I’m addicted B, I’m using.
So forgive me.
But it just hit me, bear with me
I don’t want victory, or sound contradictory.
Ergo, allow me to pour my heart out.
M showed me the man route.
Take it, I did. I can’t forsake it, or shake it.
I’ll remain unrequited or spited.
Forgive me B,
I’m addicted.


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