Album Review: Sidibe x Soul Siren

Review: Sidibe x Soul Siren cover art
Sidibe is an upcoming neo soul – jazz – RnB artist based in Los Angeles with ties to West Africa. Soul Siren is her second EP, following her expository material ‘Metaphysical EP’, both of which are available on her soundcloud page and iTunes. I discovered her through a beautiful moment of serendipity, and I am proud to call myself a very loyal fan.
Soul Siren is an audacious effort at classic 90s RnB, whilst incorporating jazz and pop elements into its instrumentations. A blend which Nico Stadi, the primary producer on this Ep, mixes to perfection. There is an immense growth in the power and control of Sidibe’s voice. She does not have that typical Beyoncé/ Fantasia type vocals; however, she manages to control all the instruments perfectly. Thus, creating a very beautiful authentic sound. I found it difficult to put her sound in a rigid category because she has managed to incorporate her influences in perfect moderation. The whole EP is an apostrophe to a lover. Her lyrics are direct and aptly describe her feelings towards this unknown subject of emotion. Her writing to some extent lacks nuance and ambiguity. A good thing when discussing such passionate themes.
The lead single See You Girl is probably the best song on the project. The production contains mellowed, down tempo piano and guitar progressions and a barely noticeable jazz drum line. On this song, Sidibe pushes her vocals to their very limits and creates what I dare call magic. It is not a wow song; rather it is a beautiful song. The interlude titled Slow Dance With You is reminiscent of a TLC song with a serenading saxophone sample. The first song, The Way You Make Me Sing, has slight elements of synth. It is however suppressed and corroborates the general feel of the EP.
Sidibe shows immense growth in her music with this EP. She has identified her sound and is perfecting it. I appreciate that but I will still love to hear her on more experimental, slightly upbeat production. Another reservation I had with this EP was the brevity. I guess less is more. Quality over quantity is a much-disregarded philosophy in modern music.
Soul Siren is a very alive piece of art, as elegantly illustrated on the cover. Sidibe makes sunset music. The type you can play whilst watching the suns last dance on the calms waves of the ocean. That soothing relaxing sound. I give it a strong 8 out of 10. I hope Sidibe continues to grow with her music. She has immense talent, all that needs work is branding.Sidibe - Metaphysical - Sidibe embrace


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