Ignite [One Hundredth Post]

I seek to stoke,
The smouldering smoke
That resides
Deep in the brilliant eyes
Of you and I
As we look to the skies
And excite the forces of fire and ice
For a little respite
The sins we hide
The same that we claim we chide.

I am the match that is different from the rest.
The strike that sparks the best.
The flames that ensure the impure is charred ,
so from the ashes emerge the luminescence we look up to,
The stars.

I ignite. 

WordPress has informed me that this is my hundredth post. I has been running this blog for close to two years on the principle of quality over quantity.  Everyday I am inspired by the immense growth I keep going through on here. The great minds I meet. How by you getting to know me through my art, I got to know myself and the world. Thank you.
-Hakeem Adam. 


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