The New Slave

For Malcolm.


[Common, Cocaine 80s x Young Hearts Run Free]


Social influence is the most powerful and most dangerous determinant of human behavior. Mainly because before you begin to realize it, the effect has already taken place and can be herculean to reverse or counteract. As Stanley Milgram and his team showed, Human beings are capable of shocking things. Behavior is predictable, but excessively erratic. However, it can be careful controlled. This is something too many people know nothing of.

With the burst of the internet and the relative simplicity that communication has achieved, ideas (both good and bad) are exchanged rather too easily, considering the power they behold. Social influence has become extremely passive. Social media has evolve from being a platform for social interaction to the greatest tastemaker. This is not surprising; it just means that the unconscious effect of social influence has been sped up. People don’t think too much, of what they read and watch, but are still influenced by it. It does not mean if you follow stupid people on your twitter you will get stupid or if you follow smart people, you will get smart. It is impossible to elude the influence of any phenomenon, idea or person in a lifetime. My concern is what the influences is.

The subtle nuances in what we surround ourselves with end up shaping our beings, and the inability to recognize this is dangerous. I am therefore a slave to a force I cannot perceive until I cannot do nothing about. A mental slavery, where bright screens are the cages, lines of text- the shackles, videos and songs-the whips. The slavery has also evolved and adapted to the changing times. So does my young heart really run free or is unclosed in a large filed and the tracks built as I grow?

Slavery is not always negative because there is no way to prove that we have ever been completely free. We cannot fight the influence, but we can try to control it.

What do you think?



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