Today I thought about life and all its surprises
All its dull moments and spices
All the things that I despise
And those I adore in disguise
How we keep telling ourselves lies
And see only what we perceive to be good for our eyes.
How we talk about change and keep talking
How we claim to be sane but keep talking
How we glorify heads downplay hands
Is it cos we forget the need for balance?

Today I thought about how I should not be thinking
About how the air pockets are filled and the ship is sinking
How all the loot has crushed our deck.
And the current’s rushing not to clear our dirt
But for our heads.

Today I don’t no only think but I act
I mix saffron with the soul of a maverick.
I stop mediocrity from spilling out the aqueducts
Roll up my sleeves and perform magic

Today I am who I want to be.


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