Free Writing: Coming Of Age

These days I find myself questioning more phenomenon than I would have in the past. I tend to link this occurrence to coming of age.  Unlike Hollywood’s profiteering depiction, coming of age is not fun. You don’t find the love of your life and live happily ever after.  You don’t get accepted into Harvard.  Television has and will continue to deceive the inactive mind. However I will discuss the media later. 
Coming of age to me feels like an amalgamation of soo many little decisions.  Choosing to sit on that seat in class. Taking this route home.  Talking to that guy. Unconsciously,  we make these little and “not soo significant” choices that end up shaping what the chunk of our lives look like. A sort of metaphysical collage.  Yet,  the spine chilling momment is not making the choices, but when the picture is not turning out as you anticipated. 
We all begin to doubt who we are becoming.  That self doubt could be crippling depending on your resolve. I discovered that my conviction strengthened as I experienced more. I began to have more faith in my ability.  I began to pay attention to detail.  I became analytical.  Although the fear lingers, it doesn’t hold me back. I am not scared of the future. Rather I am fascinated by the endless possibilities it holds for me. I have gained a fair understanding of the mechanics of life.
I think coming of age is not just a particular stipulated period in time, marked by certain physical, emotional and social events.  It is a chain reaction, where as you experience the world,  you learn lessons that shape your life untill you become too lazy to continue learning. 
Like what quantum superposition suggest; you and I can exist in any form but In reality, just one true form. That one state is determined by the series of events I like to describe as coming of age.


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