A Little Logic

Ab Soul x Beautiful Death

The government is spineless
And the people, too dumb to notice till niggas are lying dead
And the pavement stained red.
Walls punctured but sense doesn’t enter
It was buried at birth with the placenta
Pigs on two legs create graffiti with bullets and tear gas
As my brother crawls past
Where sanity used to live
Where freedom and justice were celebrated like a well performing kid
Where rights were respected,  now they just look left
Rights are neglected and the only things left
Are carcasses that rot into the air
The putrid truth, they cannot bear.
The incendiary bomb meant to clear the way
But didn’t think of the damage it will cause this place
Anger suppressed for years is a storm at sea
Clear judgment is clouded, we cannot see
Now we’ve hit the rocks, our raft is sinking
The smell of death restores our thinking
Regardless the government is spineless and prolly wants me dead.
Don’t fight them with stick,  use your head
Tear a few holes in their wallets and pockets
Take their silver and gold, lock it
Cos they don’t feel the pain of the metal piercing
But they will when they can’t pay for new diamond earrings versions




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