Vic Mensa x Time is Money

Only if we could bring our dreams into fruition
Get up off our asses and stop wishing
That an elf from the hills will come and do the dishes
Stop being snakes and use our tongues for more than just hissing
Stop making noise, pay attention and listen.
Realize the weird lies and see through they mission
Growth is more than just having the vision
Realize the division
Between talk and wisdom
Create synergy between thoughts and action
Become positive and persue passion
Then we could create something worth having. 
If it is that easy why has it gone so wrong?
Why has the solution eluded us for so long? 
Why am I asking these questions?
We all took the class but ignored the lesson
Brought the ice out and expected it not to lessen
Narcissus, all we do is watch
As time passes by but action never stops
Hands move to indicate the past
And remind that the future is all that we have.
Too obvious to notice
Fatal to ignore
Dreams are only alive as long as we snore.


12 thoughts on “41022180

  1. I like the first two lines.
    And though the second two that follow
    are not as strong the first I like them too, only a little less.

    What inspired the title?

    “Create synergy between thought and action,” I’ve always liked the descriptions about thoughts and actions.


    1. Well thank you, I couldn’t came up with a title and I didn’t want to leave the space blank so I decided to reverse the date I wrote it. 08/12/2014.
      And thoughts and action must be united. I notice that I think of doing great things but I don’t even try sometimes


      1. Oh, good to know; I guessed it could be the date your wrote it, but my now lazy mind didn’t think any further.

        I know the feeling expressed in the last line of your comment. I am burdened with the guilt of not concerting some of my great thoughts into action.
        Thankfully, it’s gradually changing.


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