The Tale

Hey there, today I’m gonna share a story with you.
An epic story that deserves a Hans Zimmer tune.
A story shallow enough to get you lost in,
And make you scream for days, thinking you’re haunted. 
There are no characters, just well stated facts,
Thought provoking lies, humor it doesn’t lack.
A story so gruesome it’ll make your eyes burn
And cripple your imagination with every twist and turn.
The words will transport you to a distant place,
So far away you’ll forget how quick you age.
The plot will grip you so tight and squeeze
Every drop of life and bring you to your knees.
Till you beg and beg for what’s beyond the page.
But you’ll discover the story is now your sage.
So now, my friends,  begin with me a story of truth.
A never ending story about you.


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